High value products
from biomass and waste

Biomass conversion and processing of industrial waste streams are important topics of circular economy. Various projects in this field are supported by our background and expertise in catalysis.

Production of hybrid fuels by the fast pyrolysis of 2nd generation biomass followed by the catalytic hydro processing (BioMates).

Transformation of the black liquor (pulp mill waste) by integrated hydrothermal liquefaction process followed by catalytic hydrotreating to produce clean, high quality biofuel for aviation and shipping (BL2F).

Carbon capture
and utilization

Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies offer solution for the reduction of global emission of greenhouse gasses and thus have a significant impact on climate change. Ranido is involved in the projects focused on development and demonstration of the efficient CCU technologies.

In the current Horizon project PyroCO2, the industrial CO2 emissions are used as a raw material for the conversion into a green acetone that is further catalytically converted into a wide range of value-added chemical intermediates (synthetic paints, polyester reins, biodegradable plastics, etc.) that are normally produced from fossil hydrocarbons.

Hydrogen economy

In order to limit the climate change and decrease the negative effects of using hydrocarbon fuels, Ranido is focusing its research on processes related to hydrogen production, purification and storage.

One of our objectives is to promote production and utilization of green hydrogen originating from water using renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

EU Funded Research

We are developing new technologies and processes with external funding.