Selective Catalytic Reduction DeNOx DeDioxin


SCR technology converts flue gas NOx to nitrogen and water by cataltically promoted reaction in the presence of reducing agent such as ammonia, urea, etc. SCR technology offers an optimal and effective solution to control Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions during combustion processes.

Selective catalytic reduction principle

The NOx reduction reaction takes place on the catalyst surface. Before entering the catalyst layer the ammonia is injected and mixed with flue gas:

4NO + 4NH3 + O2 → 4N2 + 6H2O NO + NO2 + 2NH3 → 2N2 + 3H2O 2NO2 + 4NH3 + O2 → 3N2 + 6H2O

Dioxins & Furans destruction

The NOx reduction reaction takes place on the catalyst surface. Before entering the catalyst layer the ammonia is injected and mixed with flue gas:

SCR DeNOx process

SCR DeNOx process is inovative, environmentally friendly and effective solution to reach the requested performance at an optimised cost.

DeNOx Honeycomb Catalyst

Honeycomb catalysts consist entirely of catalytically active materials (titanium dioxide, vanadium oxides, tungsten oxides) and commonly are used in low dust applications.

  High specific surface area

  High activity in low-dust flue gases

  Variable pitch and length

  Low-dust flue gas applications (<10g/M3)

DeNOx Plate Catalyst

Plate catalysts consist of catalytically active material rolled onto stainless steel mesh. The catalyst plates are located in element frames that are installed in a steel module.

  High erosion resistance

  Variable pitch

  Low pressure drop

  High flue dust applications (<100g/M3)

Benefits of our SCR DeNOx Catalysts

Custom Design

All our catalysts are specially designed and manufactured to meet our customer’s requirements. We help you to maximize your reduction of NOx emissions while providing a cost effective solution.

Low Pressure Drop

Our products are known by providing the lowest possible pressure drop when compared to competitive designs. Lower pressure drop means higher system efficiency and better overall performance.

High Catalytic Activity

Our SCR DeNOx catalysts provide high NOx destruction at medium range operating temperatures. High activity, poison resistant formulations means reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions with less catalyst volume – less volume means lower capital cost. NOx reductions over 90% are common and in some applications over 98% reduction can be achieved.

Poison & Sulfur Resistant

Many years of experiance in catalyst research and production allow us to provide the most durable product for your application. Our products will provide a long life and tolerate aggressive process conditions allowing extended intervals between product replacement.

SCR DeNOx Services

  SCR Catalyst Replacement Management

  SCR Catalyst Sampling Procedure

  SCR Catalyst Installation Supervision

  SCR Catalyst Activity Testing in real conditions

  SCR Catalyst SO2/SO3–Conversion Rate Test

  SCR Catalyst Screening (x-ray)

  SCR Catalyst Screening (EDX)

  SCR Catalyst Pore Structure Analysis