We are discovering new catalysts for a production of fuels from alternative biological sources instead of the traditional natural resources. One example is Biomethane – Sustainable fuel that is produced by biogas upgraders which remove the CO2.


Chemical industry utilizes many catalyzed processes for which we provide leading catalytic solutions. We constantly improve catalysts for already established process and discover catalysts for new applications.


Hydrogen has significant potential to enable the transition to a clean, low-carbon energy system. The hydrogen economy includes many processes that need to be catalyzed. We are participating in this transition by developing and providing catalysts for these processes.


Catalysts are enabling production of most of petrochemicals. Our portfolio includes catalysts for a broad range of petrochemical processes.

Precious metal catalyst

Precious metal catalysts are important part of our portfolio. Catalysts traditionally based on Pt, Pd, Au, Ag, Rh, Ru are used across variety of applications including production of chemicals and purification.

Renewable energy

Transition to renewable energy involves many catalyzed processes. We are constantly developing and improving catalysts that are used in renewable energy sector.

Steel Manufacturing

With its long tradition steelmaking is an important part of many economies. We offer variety of catalysts for every catalytic process in steel manufacturing, beginning with production of reducing agents for iron ore reduction – syngas and coke. Our products make the steelmaking more efficient and environmentally friendly.